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Ah, the window! Wes loved windows. Especially climbing in through them.
This one was in the living room, and he just hoped no one got TOO freaked out.

Lenore heard some rustling then - she was coughing into a tissue, but the rustling at the window caught her attention. Moving, with the tissue still pressed to her lips, she pulled back the curtains and saw...

Sui, meanwhile, was asleep on the couch. She was still exausted from the whole ordeal, and took advantage of napping whenever she could. But the rustling at the living room window made her awaken abruptly, and she groggily sat up to see what it was. Did a bird fly into the window?

"Hello," Wes said, smirking at Lenore as she opened the curtains. He was sitting on the windowsill, then dropped inside. "How are you doing?"
Seeing Sui sitting up tiredly, he nodded to her. "Hello, Sui."

"You...still don't use windows?" She couldn't help but smile. Closing the window once he was inside, she looked at him thoughtfully.

Sui blinked, her eyes widening. Since she hadn't met Wes in person before, she only recognized him as the short guy who saved her and Lenore with Kazuhiko. "....y-you...." She squeaked, speechless.

"Nope, I don't like doors. Seen too many with bullet holes in them." He winked at Lenore. "Me? Yeah, it's me. I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm Wes." He offered a hand to Sui.

Blushing, she shook his hand in awe. "You already know my name...." She couldn't think of how she could possibly thank him, and felt rather foolish because of it.

"Er, yeah. Don't mention it, I save people a lot." He could sense the awe she felt and hoped she wouldn't start idol-worshipping him or something.

"So...what brings you here?" She asked. "Did you manage to get your Pokemon back?" Kazuhiko had mentioned something about it, but she didn't know the full details.

"Still...." Sui smiled warmly up at him, managing to find some words. "I'm really grateful for what you and Kazu did for us....I wish I could repay you."

"No, I haven't gotten my pokemon back yet . . ." He looked both angry and sad at the same time. "Eh? Oh, no problem. I do appreciate being appreciated, though." He clapped a hand onto her shoulder and smiled.

"Oh? That's unfortunate," Lenore drew a hand to her chin as she thought. "..How did you manage to become separated from them, anyway?"

At his touch, Sui blushed harder and giggled. She then grew concerned when she heard about his Pokemon. "You lost your Pokemon? That really sucks, what happened?"

"Er . . . You know, it's best if I don't talk about it. For your own safety." He turned a little red in the face, as if he was embarrassed. With any luck they wouldn't question him further.

Blink. "...You act like it's embarassing." Moving a step closer to him, she was practically FORCING him to look at her. "Now I'm just curious," She smirked. "Come on... out with it!"

"Something tells me it's an amusing story," Sui smirked at his embarassment, which was never a good sign. "What is it? Did you lose them when someone was after your Lucky Charms?" Sometimes it's uncanny how rapidly Sui's mood can change; already, a height joke.

Wes stopped. What had Sui just said? "I . . . what? And no, I got waylaid by some Rockets and they stole my pokemon and the Snag Machine." He shrugged.

"Is that the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth?" Why would he be acting so embarassed about that? Now, if Lenore had known he'd been outsmarted by the charms of two women...

"Why would you be embarassed about that?" Sui prodded Wes as well, now immensely curious. "Unless maybe you got your ass kicked by a scrawny girl like me! Would make sense, we're about the same size!"

"Of course that's the truth. Why would I lie? And you know I'd be embarrassed to be tricked like that . . ." He glanced at Sui. "I'm not the same size as you. I'm a lot bigger."
Well, maybe not a LOT.

Sweatdrop. "I dunno. Maybe it's just something really embarassing that you'd rather not divulge," Shrugging, she moved away from him.

"A lot? Way to exaggerate!" Sui giggled. "C'mooon, it's nothing to be ashamed about! I bet a lot of women want a pocket-sized guy!"

"Pocket-sized?" He looked almost insulted. "And if it WAS embarrassing, can't I just keep it to myself?" he asked.

Coughing lightly, she brought her tissue back to her lips and faced away from them - she still wasn't feeling great. "...I'm not going to force it out of you." By now, she was used to Sui's jabs at males.

"Hey, hey! Don't look so insulted!" She grinned, patting him on the shoulder. "I think it's cute!"

"CUTE?" Wes said, stunned. He glanced at Lenore. "Are you feeling all right?"

For someone who didn't have much energy, Sui's attitude alone certainly made up for the lack. Looking back to Wes, she gave a nod. "Yeah. I'm okay... I just still don't feel very well, but I'd rather stay home than go back there."

"How bad are you feeling?" Sui grew concerned, moving closer to her. "I know you wanna be home, but if you're still sick, shouldn't you at least see Kazu?"

"Hmm, that's too bad." He put a hand on Lenore's shoulder now. "Have you been sleeping enough?"

"I've been trying to, but the coughing wakes me up at night a lot." Lenore wasn't really sure what else to say about it. She wanted to refuse to go back, but it's not as if they could actually FORCE her to against her will - No, that was only Brock, for the record.

Sui got up off the couch, and walked over to her. "You should be resting, then, at least." Her worry was apparent in her gaze. "Please? I don't want you to get worse....I'm worried about you...."

"If you can't sleep, I can help," Wes said. That would SURELY be misinterpreted. "I have a Yanma that knows Hypnosis."

Blink-blink. Lenore had her gaze focused on Sui as if she was about to say something, but now she was just STARING at Wes as if he'd said something horribly perverse.. "..."

Sui too had overheard what Wes said. And, of course, she snickered, as she did every time someone so much as said 'laid'.

". . . What?" Wes asked, blinking. "It would just help you get to sleep." He shrugged, the motion still feeling odd without the familiar weight of the Snag machine on.

Realizing that SHE was the one with the perverse mind, she sweatdropped and blushed lightly. "Er, n-nothing... I just thought you meant something else."

"You're quite popular with teh guys, aren't you?" She winked at Lenore.

"Oh." He glanced to Sui and sighed. "Is she always like this?" he asked Lenore, throwing Sui an annoyed look. He was starting to regret saving her . .

Had Wes not have been so close, she would've remarked something a bit further... "Er, yes." Lenore just smiled. "It doesn't bother me, though."

"Oh hush, you like it!" Sui giggled, very amused by Wes's annoyed look. "Just be glad I'm not clamped onto your leg, as tempting as that is!"

"I don't let people clamp onto my leg," Wes said, rolling his eyes. "I'd cut their hands off." Okay, he'd PROBABLY not do that to Sui, since she really was pretty harmless.

"You wouldn't do -that- to Sui, though," Lenore remarked calmly - the way she looked at Wes said 'Don't even JOKE about that.'

"Oooooh, aren't you tough!" She mockingly-shivered. "Have to be to keep from getting stepped on, huh? Like a Sandshrew!" Obviously, she couldn't get enough of how amusing his reactions were.

A vein throbbed on Wes' forehead. "Lenore, where did you find this kid?" he asked.

Blink. "She's a cousin of Brock's, but... we actually met on The Network. Rory was the one who...caught her attention."

Now he did it. "HEY! Who're you calling a kid?" So much as the implication of being thought of as one irked Sui greatly. "You're one to talk, you're my height!"

"I'm talking about maturity level," Wes replied dryly. "Rory? Not really surprised there . . . They seem kind of similar."

"They are? I don't really see them as -that- similiar," Lenore looked at Sui for a moment thoughtfully. "Sui's certainly not as reckless, for one."

As much as she found herself peeved at Wes for the comment, she found herself thinking for a moment about her overall behavior, and swallowed her anger. She was wearing out, anyway, and that always tended to sedate her mood. "Gah, sorry, I should take it easier on you....I'm still in your debt," Rather embarassed, she rubbed the back of her neck. "No hard feelings, okay? I'm always like that."

"It's fine," Wes said, his temper cooling. "I just have a short temper, sorry." He shrugged. "Don't worry, if you need help again I'll still pitch in." He winked to her.

"Hm. Well, then... shall I make us some tea?" Lenore suggested now that things seemed to be smoothed over. Without waiting very long for a response, she smirked. "Brilliant. I'll go start it." With that, she grabbed both Wes and Sui by their wrists and drug them into the kitchen.

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