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Irish versus Shirtless

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Irish versus Shirtless

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Steven Jer

Now, a lot of strange people have been known to walk down the hall to Lenore's office lately, but none of them can probably stack up to the oddness that is the fact that Bruno is heading in that direction. Hardly seen strolling down the halls of the league, the man is dressed in his usual classy attire - pants - but he has something else this time... Flowers.

Unfortunately, coming the other way was none other than - you guessed it - Rory. He was hardly paying attention to what was going on around him, so lost in thought was he. It seemed hard to not notice a giant mound of muscle, but Rory managed it - until he was right in front of the man.

Nearly bumping into Rory, Bruno had been absorbed in thoughts of his own - and he finds himself looking down at... Blondness. His eyes narrow. "Rory Warfield," he states sternly, his voice just oozing with contempt. Then he glances at his flowers. "Out of my way. I have
somewhere to be."

Rory looked up - and up. "Get out of my way you big oaf," he growled, all the residual anger from earlier getting into his voice. ". . . Where are you going with flowers?"

Grunting, Bruno actually steps around Rory - which doesn't take much for a guy his size - and resumes walking. "That's no concern of yours, Warfield spawn."

Rory stepped back in his way. "Flowers? That's uncharacteristically thoughtful of you. Have you been taking lessons?" He had a feeling he knew who those were for . . .

Grunting again, Bruno frowns. "Perhaps in your eyes, Warfield, but then again, your kind has little regard for how others really are. Now. Stay out of my way." He moves around again. Unfortunately for Rory, that's putting him dangerously close to She Who Should Not Be Named's office.

"You can't possibly be going in there," Rory said. "You're nowhere near good enough to even go into that room." He crossed his arms. "You're just a muscle-bound moron who was never told it was rude to go around shirtless."

Sideglance. "I may hate you, Warfield," replies the man with a cold sort of roughness, "But I find it childish to call people names. Perhaps you should grow up, and then I'll consider listening to you again." His big, massive arm reaches for the door...........

"Is it childish when it's the truth? Do you really think Lenore respects someone who goes around without a shirt?" He laughed at the man, almost itching for a fight. He knew Armaldo was tough enough . . .

"Let's let Doctor Stone decide that one, Rory. After all, I'm not here to court you." With that, there is a knock, and the beginning of the end for Rory... Well, begins.

Rory smirked, since, last he knew, Lenore wasn't there. "She probably doesn't want to talk to you," Rory said.

When he gets no reply, Bruno glances at Rory. "A gentleman lets a lady speak for herself," he replies with a seething calm, "Not that a Warfield would have any concept of that." He then looks to the door. "Dr. Stone and I have only met in passing. She has no reason to avoid me. I'm sure she's simply not in right now."

"I was only saying what I thought," Rory said, smiling and shrugging. "Well. See you later." He turned and started to walk away.

Watching Rory walk away, Bruno looks at the door for a bit longer. Then, quietly, like a mountain ninja, he pulls a note from within the flowers and sticks it to her nameplate. Then, smiling triumphantly, he walks the other way.
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