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Suicune Stained Glass
Sui slowly made her way down the hall towards Kazuhiko's office, her body heavy with fatigue. The trip there alone had worn her out, and the fact that she had been tired before certainly didn't help. Finally finding his name on one of the doors, Sui opened it, completely forgetting to knock. "Kazu?"

Fortunately, Kazuhiko isn't prone to doing weird things in his office, such as making out with Lenore on his desk - so far, at least. As such, he's actually reading a book and he looks up when Sui just enters. "Er, hello, Sui!" He puts the book down, "How can I help you?"

Smiling weakly at him, she tiredly made her way to one of the chairs, and sank into it. "Hey....I hope you're not busy or anything, but...." She sighed. "I really haven't been feeling well lately. Ever since that whole kidnapping thing...." Her voice was noticably quieter, and her fair skin was paler than it normally was.

Kazuhiko blinks and tilts his head when Sui flops down into the chair in front of him. "Is that so?" he remarks, "Well, I'm certainly glad that you came to see me. Have you had any other noteworthy symptoms?" As he speaks, he stands and goes to rummage through a nearby bag.

"Mostly just the same things as always, only worse," Sui rubbed her forehead, and closed her eyes. "Bad appetite and such...." She felt almost as if she could just drop off right there.

"Have you still been getting enough sleep?" Kazuhiko asks as he approaches her, stethescope in hand, "And sit up, if you can. I'm going to listen in." He gives a little wave of his stethescope piece.

Nodding, Sui weakly sat up for him. "Yeah, more than enough, probably. I've been having to nap whenever I can...."

Emitting a ponderous 'hmm', Kazuhiko places the end on Sui's chest and quietly listens to her heart beat. After a short period of this, he moves the piece around and says, "Breath in for me, Sui. Deep breath - hold it for a second, then release it."

As she is told, she took in a deep breath, and let it out after holding it for a moment. For a few moments afterwards, she breathed heavily, as if she was trying to catch her breath.

Frowning, Kazuhiko shakes his head and then puts his hand on Sui's shoulder. "I'm sorry, Sui. I didn't realize that you were having that much trouble breathing." He moves over to his personal fridge - little as it is - and pulls a bottle of water from it. He offers it to her. "Here. Drink."

Sui shook her head, and took a gulp from the bottle. "No, it's alright, I just breathe heavier than normal when I'm like this. Like I'm always winded or something...."

Looking thoughtful, Kazuhiko goes to sit on his desk, so that he can face her. "I imagine that the sexual intercourse must have taken a toll on you," he says in a strictly professional manner. Not that she'll see it that way.

And of course, she blushed hard at the mention of it. "Y-Yeah, it did....I fell asleep right after. Probably the best sleep I ever got, too...." She looked thoughtful, smiling weakly.

Nodding, Kazuhiko blinks and then laughs softly. "Oh. Sorry, Sui. I wasn't meaning to embarrass you at all." He smiles lightly then and looks her over. "Well, anyway, I'm not entirely certain what's causing this, although I'm sure that there is still fatigue to be linked to your experience. Stress, for example."

"Yeah, that makes sense...." Sui nodded as well, her expression saddening as she thought back. "All that....just felt like a giant nightmare. It didn't even seem real....and I couldn't even do anything to help Lenore...." She looked down, genuinely ashamed. "I'm envious of you, you can help those you care about....I can't."

Kazuhiko smiles. "But I'm sure you did help, Sui. Not one of you died. You helped everyone by just making it through. Can you imagine what it would have done to Lenore had you died?" He pauses. "Besides... What I did there..." He sighs, "It's nothing to be envious of. Believe me."

She shook her head. "You didn't really have any other choice. I mean, they were shooting at us, if you could've done it peacefully I know you would've." She looked up at him, smiling softly. "No matter what, you're a good person. You were only defending yourself, and did it to save us. Besides, look at what you do every day! How many people have you saved just by being a doctor?"

Kazuhiko just smiles at Sui. Feeling it best to let her believe as she chooses, he brushes a hand through his hair and says, "I suppose you're right, Sui. At any rate, the focus here should be on you, rather than me. Lenore seems to be doing better..." He trails off, glancing at her. "Would you like to stay in a room? The hospital staff can tend to you."

"That's probably a good idea....I don't think I can make it back anyway without at least some rest," Sui said bashfully, rubbing the back of her neck. "I know I'll be okay if I just rest a lot." As embarassed as she was at the idea, she knew when to admit defeat when it came to her pride. "Can you check on Lenore, too? She's still sick, even if she's doing better," She added, still worried.

"Of course. I've been trying to do it regularly," he remarks with a smile, "Now. I'll call out and have them arrange a room for you. Feel free to relax in the meantime." Standing up, he heads back around to his seat, picks up the phone and dials a number.

Settling down into the chair a bit more, Sui shut her eyes to rest them for a bit. Idly, she noted how good Kazuhiko's office seemed to smell; seemingly not super-sterile like the rest of the hospital.

Frowning, Kazuhiko sighs while talking on the phone. "Alright then. Thank you." Hanging the phone up, Kazuhiko stands. "Unfortunately, Sui, I'm afraid that there aren't any more rooms open right now. Would you like me to take you back to Mossdeep?"

She sat up, opening her eyes and blinking. "Sorry, if it's not too much trouble...." She smiled, rubbing the back of her neck again. It was even more embarassing to not even be able to get back on her own. "This is why I can't travel alone too often."

"Think nothing of it, Sui," says Kazuhiko with a wave of his hand and a smile, "Anyway, let's go. I'd like to get you there before dark." With that, he heads for the door.
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