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It was unusual for Shane to be in such an open place - which suggested that almost surely he had multiple guards around.
And he did, though they were well-disguised and only the best would even be able to pick out some of them. He was sitting, calmly, drinking tea.

She'd felt better, and she'd certainly felt worse. Lenore sat across from Shane at the cafe where they had met purely by chance. "So... how have things been faring for you?" She asked while stirring her tea.

"They could always be better and always be worse," Shane said. "As for myself, I'm fine. An old man like myself, I have little to want." He smiled and sipped his tea. "How about yourself?"

"I'm doing about as well as I can be expected to, considering the latest circumstances." The doctor had to look aside as she coughed lightly. "I'm just glad to be alive, and ironically I'm feeling more healed from my illness since being held captive."

"That is ironic. Well, it is good to know you are feeling better from that. I was a bit concerned." He reached out squeezed her hand.

Looking a bit surprised as his gesture, she smiled warmly. "I appreciate the concern. I was admittedly a bit worried myself." Letting her hand linger there, she let her smile slip away. "I know it's none of my business, but..." She thought for a moment giving a gentle pause. "Are you ever...lonely?"

He looked surprised by the question. "I'm too busy to get lonely," he said after a long pause that revealed more than his words did. He laughed it off.

Lenore didn't mean to stare at the man, but her look was of concern. Moving her hand over his, she squeezed it softly. "Hm... if you say so. Perhaps I'm just changing myself. I'm constantly busy, but I've felt myself longing for some kind of companionship."

"Well, I understand, you're in the prime of youth . . ." He sighed. "As for me, I'm long past the point where anyone would want to spend time with me. My life is ensuring the future life of the world."

"I never thought I would be interested in such things," She simply shook her head and sipped her tea. "I suppose it must be triggered by our biology." As Shane spoke, she wondered if he felt the lonliness she thought he might, though the man certainly did not say it. "Now, I wouldn't say that, Mr. Warfield. After all, the world is a big place."

Shane sipped his tea and grunted non-commitally. "As long as I defeat the Rockets, I will die happy."

Lenore frowned slightly at the mention of the organization, and put her cup down, though she let her hand linger at it. "That is a very noble thing you want to do, but...is there nothing you want for yourself?"

Shane leaned closer to Lenore. "I had my time for myself." That was all he said, but his hand was on hers again, and he looked so close it bordered on intimate . . .
It certianly looked that way to Rory, walking bye, and he stopped to stare. He wasn't so close that they'd instantly notice him.

"Humans... we are social creatures," Lenore began softly. "No one should have to be alone." She was meaning even to have friends, or family, and not neccessarily a romantic relationship, but considering how she hadn't moved her hand and how she spoke, it might look a bit...odd.

Rory turned, putting a hand to his forehead and starting back home. He didn't need to see this, did he? All the things Lenore had said recently suddenly made more sense . . . She LIKED Shane!
Shane still tryied to shrug what she said off. "I'm never alone - even now I have friends all around." He smiled.

Of course since Rory left, he wouldn't hear what else she had to say in response. "Oh. Well, of course not," Lenore returned the smile. "I'm just glad you and Rory have started to talk again."

"Indeed. He's the best thing in my life." The old man smiled. "I'm proud of him."
Rory, meanwhile, was contemplating bleaching his brain.

"I'm sure he'd be glad to know that," Lenore finished her tea, then. "Don't worry. I won't pass along the word, however. That's something that I'll leave up to YOU to do." She only smiled.

"Thank you." Finishing his tea, he took out a pocket watch. "Well, I must be off. It has been a pleasure talking with you, Dr. Stone." He smiled as he stood, then bowed to her slightly.

"Of course - I feel the same," She nodded. "Perhaps we should meet up like this again," She suggested. "It's nice to talk with you." Pulling out some bills of currency, she slipped them under her cup and left.

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